The Kraken 3D printer...

  • Is user friendly
  • Has a completely unique design
  • Is suitable for both for beginners, and professionals
  • Brings 3D printing closer to everyone, all around the world
  • Solves the common problems of desktop 3D printers
  • Has a modular design
  • Is not just another 3D printer. It's also a laser engraver, 3D scanner, and much more.




Built to last

The Kraken is built to last. We think, that a 3D printer is not a vacuum cleaner, nor a microwave, or mobile, but something like a good computer, or a car. It has to last. And with the modular design, and high quality components the Kraken won't be outdated.

High speed

The Kraken 3D is a high speed 3D printer. Not only the printing process is fast, but also the preparations can be done in a few seconds. Just chose the model, your desired resolution, and let the software handle the rest!

Unique design

The  Kraken 3D is not just another "box" 3D printer! It features a uniquedesign, and multiple color options, so you can create your one of a kind printer!

No assembly required

The Kraken 3D comes assembled, out of the box. Just plug, and play!

Automatic calibration

The automatic calibration checks the print surface, and modifies the printing paths using the collected information. This helps the printer eliminate warping, achieve better print quality, and avoid failed prints.


The unique printguard feature watches over the continous filament feed, pauses the print if the filament runs out, or breaks. Then the process can be continued after fixing the problem.
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How the Kraken came to life….

Liter caffeine

The kraken was a gigantic, squid-like, nordic mythical sea monster, who terrorized the sailors, and fishermen, and was feared for its mighty strength. But our Kraken 3D is a monster who does not destroy. Our mission is giving the freedom of building, and creating, to 3D printing fans all around the globe.


Why should you choose the Kraken 3D instead of other printers? Just a few reasons: The Kraken 3D is compact, versatile, and affordable. The modular design allows you to turn any room to a complete manufacturing facility in seconds. Just place it on a table, a shelf, or the floor, plug it in, and start creating!


-What is the Kraken 3D?

-The Kraken 3D is an affordable,modular desktop 3D printer.

-What is the difference between the Kraken and other 3D printers?

-Our printers have a unique structure, completely eliminating linear carriages. In addition they offer advanced features, such as automatic printbed calibration, or the printguard, so beginners can use it easily. The Kraken 3D is a modular 3D printer, which means that it can be upgraded easily in the future, with additional features, such as laser engraving, or chocolate extruder.

-Do I have to assemble my 3D printer?

-No. We will offer completely assembled 3D printers, so you just have to plug in your 3D printer, and push one button to start creating.

-Do I have to know 3D modeling to use the Kraken?

-No. All Kraken 3D printers include a 3D scanner module, which allows the user to 3D copy objects, and there are also a lot of free to use online model libraries.

-What software does it use?

-The Kraken 3D printers come with a personalised, user-friendly software (WIP). It can be used with other host softwares too.

-What modules will the Kraken have?

-The complete list of our current modules (with details, and estimated launch date) can be found here. Also, more modules are in development. We are also planning to release a documentation to help users to develop their own modules.

-Can I buy modules for my Kraken 3D separately?

-Absolutely. And we are planning to create more, and more features, so you will have more options to choose from.

-When can I buy it?

-Unfortunately we have to pause the development of krak3n3d. We hope we can resume someday…

-I’m a journalist/blogger, where can I find additional information, pictures, etc.?

-Please contact us via e-mail, and we will provide you with the password for our press kit, where you can find the actual specifications, images, videos, and other content. Please note, that we are in an early stage of development.

-You write, that the 4 of you are working on the Kraken. It needs a lot of work to do, like sourcing, mechanical design, feasibility… And mass production is not the same as prototyping, it needs a lot of experience. Are you sure, you can make it?

-We are sure (and our advisors say so). We won’t launch our product as long as it’s not ready to be sold, and produced (this means, it’s not enough to have a working prototype, but to have all plans for mould injecting, assembling in a large scale, optimising assembly line, and method, knowing all lead times, having a calculated timeline with at least 100% overprovisioning for vis maior, or other delays on manufacturers side, etc).
We have experience in sourcing, mechanical design -and scaling-, software development, but also in business, marketing, and resource management.
And we know, that we don’t know everything. This is why we have contacts with multiple suppliers, shipping companies, engineering, manufacturing, sourcing experts, design, and marketing advisors, and this is why we always stay in contact with the community (and we are ready to expand our team, if it will be necessary).
We will deliver.

-Do you plan to provide support for the printer, and sell more units after the kickstarter campaign?

-Yes, we have plans for the support, and we would like to continue selling units after the kickstarter campaign. We don’t think the Kraken is a one time hit, so customer satisfaction is really important to us.


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