Automatic calibration

The automatic calibration checks the print surface, and modifies the printing paths using the collected information. This helps the printer eliminate warping, achieve better print quality, and avoid failed prints.


The unique printguard feature watches over the continous filament feed, pauses the print if the filament runs out, or breaks. Then the process can be continued after fixing the problem.

Modular design

The Kraken 3D uses an advanced modular design, which allows the user to upgrade the printer with different modules, like dual extruder, or laser engraver.The full list of modules can […]

3D scanner

The Kraken 3D printer features a built in 3D scanner, which allows the user to scan, and copy objects with the push of a button.

Real time monitoring

The built-in HD webcam allows the user to monitor the printing process from afar.

User friendly

The KrakenĀ  interface allows the user to operate the printer effortlessly, without the time consuming configuration process. This makes the Kraken a really user friendly, out of the box 3D […]