Prototype 3 is here!

  We proudly announce the third prototype of the Krak3n 3D!

Prototype3- full body

The third prototype of the Krak3n has major improvements compared to the previous version. First of all, it has improved looks, so it is much closer to the planned final version, (it's not the final, but it shows the way). It also has improved stability at higher acceleration, and we eliminated most mechanical issues. We were able to attach the module, hovewer the extruder motor is not built in yet (it will be within 2-3 days, hopefully the push fit connectros arrive until then too), and we still don't have the glass printbed, so we are using a steel one. We don't have printing videos yet, but we are working on it. We will upload a dry run video asap, so everyone can see the Krak3n working.

Prototype3- module closeup








Prototype3- build area

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