Survey results

Last week, we received a lot of support from you, and many of you filled out our survey.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone, we really appreciate your help, and supportive attitude.You are our superheroes (Krak3n-men? 🙂 ).

Now we are ready with the analysis, and we would like to share some of the results with you, (no boring statistics, just the summary, and important topics) so we can answer some of your questions, and give you a better insight.

According to you, the most inmportant aspects of a 3D printer should be precision, user friendliness, and support. You also stated, that affordable pricing, design, hackability, and safe printing is a big plus too, together with most modules. The least important features are multiple color options, and the drawing module.

In conclusion, we should create a user friendly, and precise printer, which is "not a toaster", won't be obsolete in a month, and we should provide non-stop, high level support. We can say, that we are going in this direction, and we will launch our printer only when it is ready (tested, and properly finished), and we are ready to handle the communication (no excuses such as "our time zone is different").

Let's get to the answers to the questions:*

Q: Your printer promises a lot of functionality. Will it cost an arm, and a leg?
A: So in short: no, the Krak3n will be affordable, and it will be in the price range where most of you would find it a good bargain (according to our survey).
A little more detailed: Nope. We are trying to do our best to keep the cost at bay, while considering everything which is necessary to operate a business, so we won't be dragged to the bottom of the sea becouse we forgot to calculate the cost of assembling, or something similar.

Q: Do you intend to make a "toaster", which can't be repaired on site?
A: In short: The Krak3n can be repaired with WD40, duct tape, and a screwdriver (most probably m3 hexagon socket) 
A little more detailed: No. Our intention is to create a user friendly 3D printer, but this doesn't mean, that everything has to be glued, and you have to disassemble it completely to remove a small screw.

Q: Will your software be some kind of propietary shady thing?
A: In short: No. Our firmware, and GUI will be open source, fell free to hack it.
A little more detailed: For usm user friendly means that it's good for every user. Some of you are pro 3D printers, and we won't limit your imagination, and possibilities. We are only asking that every modification you make should be open source as well. In paralell we are trying to provide an sdk, for developing additional modules, but the conditions of this is still TBD.

Q: What are the printing, laser cutting, and other capabilities.
A: The Krak3n is still in development, so we will try to improve all capabilities, we can't state the final parameters yet. The printer will be (is) on par, or above the currently availeable solutions, and offer a better price/quality.

Q: Is the Krak3n stable? It looks fragile with those strange arms. Does it have a lot of backlash?
A: Yes, the Krak3n is stable, and it doesn't have more backlash than other deltas.
A little more detailed: We are using quality stock bearing where possible, and we designed custom bearings to eliminate backlash at the tricky parts (so it's not a screw-through a hole solution). We are using pre-tension where it is necessary. This means, that the Krak3n has minimal backlash (it's on par with deltas), and we can, and will eliminate this in our next iteration as much as possible.

*we won't quote exact questions, but ones that are sometimes the re-phrased statements we received, with the same meaning.

If you have any further questions, ideas, or advices, contact us!

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