What’s going on with the Kraken?

As you might noticed, we got really quiet in the last months. We created this post to let clarify the reasons, and give some insight what we plan to do in the future.

In short: We give up the Kraken project.


We created a working prototype, but it had multiple issues. We had to use geared steppers, the belt tensioning was not as easy as we first thought, and we ran into stability issues in the lowest 60 millimetres of the build volume. This meant, that while we were able to achieve movement speeds over 100mm/s, the whole thing felt really unreliable, and we wouldn’t want to release something like that. Then of course, we solved this issue, but that raised our production costs by much, and it also got the printer “uglier”.

The stability issue fixed, we realised our motors can’t maintain the desired speed, so we had to switch to better ones. The increased moving weight also reduced printing quality, and placed increased wear on some of the bearings. They went from Hero to Zero in a month. You don’t want to buy something that lasts 1 months, and costs $1k. We could solve this problem too, but that reduced accuracy. Again.

There were other major issues too: the structure, while it has a small footprint, it extends extremely while starting the print, so it takes up a lot of space. This means, that if there was anything in the way of the arms, there was a chance that the printer won’t home. It also represented a safety issue, as the printer volume was open, and the moving parts could close on body parts.

While fixing every issue, our production costs stepped over $800. This meant, that we could sell you a cool looking, but slow, and inaccurate 3D printer for a lot of money, and we did not want to do this. (Or there is an option “B” if we turn the whole thing upside down, it can be manufactured at a decent cost, but it will kill the epic looks).

What are our plans for the future? For sure, we won’t let this experience go to waste, so we will explain our plans in a new post it in a few days.

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