What’s next?

As we promised a few days back, we will explain what we intend to do with the experience gathered from this project.

First, we would like to thank all of our followers for their enthusiasm.

We will take a few weeks to clean up the files we created, convert it to some common format, then release them to the public in the hopes that someone might be able to do something with them. We also plan to assemble a detailed document containing all we learned from the Kraken project, including our steps along the way of development, so everyone can avoid our mistakes in the future.

But wait there’s more!

At the end of the Kraken project, we had a lot of parts we bought trough the development process. So we started to think what to do with them. With the experience we had in 3D printer development, we created another 3D printer, which fulfils the goal we set with Kraken. This printer is cheap, starting $139, reliable, precise, and fast (up t 100mm/s).  Of course it’s not as stylish as the Kraken, it doesn’t have a 3D scanner, and laser engraver. But it works, and it’s cheap. We did not want to tell anything about it as long as it had any issues, but now it’s a working printer. So in two days, AVOC 3D will launch. If you are interested in it, check it out.

OK. This was a quite big failure. Note to self: don’t let a product be launched without proper marketing, and pro content.

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